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World famous underwear brand

World famous underwear brand 2019-06-30


La Perla, Italy’s top luxury fashion pride, is the world’s most expensive luxury underwear brand, but also the most famous Italian underwear and beach fashion brand.


lingerie dream, is an aristocratic dream.

LA PERLA not only produces the most honorable underwear, beach clothes, stockings, dresses, evening dresses and so on, but also produces top heels and perfumes.

LA PERLA subordinates also have minor brands such as MALIZIA, MARVEL, GIORGIO PERLA menswear, JOELLE robes and so on.

Zimmerli, a luxury lingerie brand from Switzerland, was founded in 1871 and enjoys a reputation for producing the best underwear in the world.

Zimmerli is a manufacturer of underwear for customers who really pursue quality, and is the only one who produces pure handmade underwear in Switzerland.

Ms. Pauline Zimmerli Baurlin, the founder, is a seamstress in the Aarburg region of Switzerland and a teacher who teaches women needlework.

Zimmerli handmade soft fabric into a perfect product, so that the most

cotton bra and panties setpicky customers have a luxury, comfortable experience, become a living fossil of the Swiss clothing industry.

Founded in Switzerland in 1884, HANRO is a lingerie brand with profound historical background and international reputation. HANRO has been sought after by celebrities from all walks of life since its birth. Including Marilyn, Nicole Kidman, George Clooney and Craig,

It is even favored by Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands and Queen Rania of Jordan.

Chantelle (Cindel), the first brand of underwear in France, was founded in 1876. The underwear is made of the most advanced Leaver lace, Guipur lace and three-dimensional Textron lace. In order to achieve the second layer of skin comfort, no pressure effect,

Also used a more considerate high-grade mercerized cotton, super soft fiber and other fabrics.

The design and manufacture of the product pay great attention to the characteristics of each small detail.

Founded in 1968 in Marseilles, France, HOM, was acquired in 1986 by Dianfen International Group, one of the world’s largest lingerie manufacturers and the world’s number one lingerie brand.

Since its establishment, HOM has guided and changed the development of men’s underwear.

(Agent Provocateur, (AP) was founded in London in 1994.

AP’s window display is seductive, with models in showy tights in all sorts of imaginative poses.

But unlike nearby retailers who deal in similar goods, AP quickly built a reputation for its approachable style and

underwear size chart high-quality clothing.

Dianfen International Group, famous bra brand, well-known lingerie brand, famous lingerie brand, one of the most international underwear enterprises in the world, famous underwear brand in Germany, and one of the largest underwear manufacturers in the world.

Global underwear fashion pioneer.

Founded in 1860, Sunspel, from the United Kingdom, is famous for making high-quality cotton underwear for the royal family, and still retains the royal certification logo on logo.

Sunspel has evolved from a textile manufacturer to a Seiko clothing brand, and its Polo T-shirt for James Bond films has made the brand even more famous.

Calvin Klein is a bold and enterprising global living brand that embodies the modern fashion style while maintaining a true sense of purity, nature and often the simplest beauty.


From clothing, accessories, underwear, perfumes and watches, CK’s unique design and controversial advertising campaign is always innovative, bold and avant-garde, mixed with American free and sexy.

Victoria’s secret VICTORIA’S SECRET, world top underwear brand, sexy lingerie representative, the world famous brand of fashion underwear, belonging to the well-known medium and high-end clothing manufacturer Limited Brands Group.