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What is a piece bra

What is a piece bra 2019-06-30

A piece of underwear is also known as a molded bra, seamless bra, factory generally called a circumference, etc., except that there is no thread at the buckle, the interface is a piece

guangzhou underwear of hot pressing technology, and the steel ring is also in a smooth transition. There will be no more uncomfortable embarrassment of steel ring exposure.

Invisible steel ring to achieve the same comfort as no steel ring without losing the role of support, wearing tight clothes will not show a piece of meat.

Foreign countries have been basically a piece of underwear health and comfort.

So what is a piece of underwear, what is the manufacturing principle of a piece of underwear, and what are the obvious characteristics of a piece of underwear?

A piece of trackless bra is made of ultra-fine fiber cloth, feels very smooth and light, the most unique thing is its bonding technology, cup to strap completely formed, no car seam, no trace, internal key steel support, revolutionary forming,

Release 5 major pressure obstacle

teen girls sexy lingerie points: chicken heart (1 point), steel wire center (2 points), axillary breast side (2 points).

The characteristic of a piece of trackless bra is that the cup is incomparably affixed, gently wrapped, such as the second layer of skin without leaving a trace.

The use of laser edge cutting technology, smooth wavy edge, continuous ups and downs, an exhibition of female exquisite curve!

While closing the chest, it eliminates the pressure of the previous cup on the chest and eliminates the embarrassing traces of underwear; the lines of the coat are henceforth smooth and traceless, and MM can safely match the tight T-SHIRT.

Invisible bra basically has a certain thickness, mostly made of silicone, in the summer human

japan lingerie sexy body sweating more cases, bra and skin close contact, so that sweat is not easy to volatilize, easy to lead to local skin temperature is higher.

Soaked in sweat, the skin is prone to redness, swelling, pruritus and other prickly heat, eczema skin diseases.

In addition, women’s chest skin is very delicate, some people will be allergic to silicone, the use of invisible bra is prone to contact dermatitis.

A piece of bra, style can be called diversified, more than 100 styles, a variety of colors, suitable for different spring and autumn and taste of women to wear.