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underwear production bases in China

underwear production bases in China 2019-06-30

First, Shantou.

More than half of the underwear in the Chinese market is produced here.

Home service is also mainly concentrated here.

Second, Shenzhen.

In the underwear factory in Shenzhen, most of them are mainly for export processing and licensing, the factory is relatively large, the output is very huge, and there are fewer factories for domestic brands.

Third, Dongguan.

The situation is similar to that of Shenzhen.

lingerie turkish Representative underwear factories are: Gao Hua Group seed garment factory, Helong underwear factory, Anying garment factory and so on.

Fourth, Yanbu Town in the South China Sea is the production center of China’s second-tier brands.

Fifth, Zhongshan Xiaolan Town Chinese men’s and women’s underwear production base, most of China’s boxed men’s and women’s underwear are produced here, the major brands are also here to invite factories to process and label them.

There are also a number of famous underwear brands here. Zhongshan also has a number of factories that produce and process products, and the output is very huge.

Sixth, East China.

Zhejiang-Zhejiang scope to Yiwu as the representative, the production

lace balconette braof seamless underwear.

7. North China.

Representative areas are Beijing and Dalian, there is a famous enterprise was born here, Beijing adoration, Dalian Sangfulan underwear and so on.

Finally, there is the rise of Guanyun lingerie base in northern Jiangsu in recent years.