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Underwear market will be more subdivided

Underwear market will be more subdivided 2019-06-30

At present, the annual sales of underwear in China is more than 100 billion, and the annual growth rate of nearly 20%, China’s underwear brands began to rise, many influential brands began to emerge in the world.

China is moving from a big underwear manufacturer to a big seller.

So what will the prospect of the underwear market look like?

Through the analysis of the underwear market, we know that the underwear industry is regarded as a high growth industry.

In the West, underwear consumption accounts for a large proportion of clothing consumption.

In France, for example, 22 per cent, French women spend about 1.7 billion euros a year on underwear.

British women spend 112 euros a year on underwear.

Chinese women, on the other hand, spend only about 20 billion yuan on underwear, accounting for only 5 per cent of clothing consumption.

Compared with the above statistics, we can see that the future development space of China’s underwear industry market is huge.

Underwear is an import.


atlantic underwear suits, the Chinese have embraced the concept of “modern underwear” from the West.

In fact, fashion underwear, which has a history of more than a hundred years in Europe, has landed in China for only more than ten years.

At present, the annual sales of underwear in China are between 20 billion and 50 billion yuan, and are growing at a rate of nearly 20 per cent a year.

According to statistics, in the domestic underwear market, imported brands account for about 60 percent of the market share, mainly products from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan. Most of them have set up factories in China, and most of them sell for between 50 and 300 yuan.

Domestic brands account for about 40% of the market.

The underwear market is growing at a rate of nearly 20% every year, and there is a huge space for the future development of China’s underwear market.

Underwear market

women’s body shapers will be more subdivided.

In the past, the underwear industry mainly had women’s underwear, with the needs of consumers gradually prominent, underwear for the elderly, children’s underwear will also enter the mainstream market.

As we all know, both the elderly market and the children’s market have a huge scale. When the demand of these two consumers for underwear increases, it is a new round of explosion in the underwear industry.

In addition, the underwear market segmentation is also reflected in women’s underwear, with the diversification of female consumer demand, girls’ underwear, pregnant women’s underwear and other market segments will also be valued.

Underwear style is more personalized.

Now has gradually entered the era of consumer upgrading, people began not satisfied with consumer goods, and more inclined to pursue personalized goods, underwear is no

mannequins exception.

In the next few years, all kinds of underwear with fashionable design, diverse styles and rich colors will become the new favorite of female consumers.

Underwear features are more diverse.

The development of science and technology can lead to the progress of many industries, and the underwear industry has also benefited from it.

In the past, the function of underwear only played a protective role, and with the development of science and technology, the industry has gradually appeared health care, beauty, intelligence and other functions of underwear to meet the needs of people in the new era.

Through a brief analysis of the prospects of the underwear market, we know that it is precisely because there are more and more underwear brands that consumers have some doubts about the joining of underwear.

Some people feel that the industry has become saturated.

In fact, the underwear industry now

underpants mens seems to be a good behind, there are many problems.

For example, at present, the whole underwear market is full of many inferior underwear brands, and the phenomenon of brand homogenization is also more common.

Those middle-and low-end underwear can no longer meet the needs of women today.

And with people’s consumption level getting higher and higher, high-quality, high-experience underwear will be the main choice.

A variety of phenomena can be seen, the future underwear market will be more and more standardized, more and more high-end, at the same time, underwear join the market will also have a lot of room for development.

Well, the above is the author of the underwear market prospects of a simple analysis.