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The way to upgrade underwear consumption

The way to upgrade underwear consumption 2019-06-30

If you want to buy a piece of underwear, what do you want from it?

If you ask the post-70s, post-80s and post-90s respectively, I believe you will get a different answer.


wholesale panties and thongs answer is: the right price, brand goods, comfortable to wear, good-looking, sexy.

The change of underwear consumption is changing from price-oriented and brand-oriented to rational physical comfort, which directly leads to the consumption upgrading of the underwear industry.

The way to upgrade underwear consumption.

The War of underwear: the absence of Innovation and the serious homogenization.

Conventional underwear, fabrics are mainly cotton, blended, modal three types of fabrics, although these three types of fabrics are widely used in the market, but have unknown shortcomings:

Cotton products, water temperature above 35 degrees washing shrinkage (national standard shrinkage within 9% as qualified);

Blended products (such as: nylon + modal + cotton) are easy to pilling;

Modal fabric will become larger

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Not long ago, the United States banned ZTE, behind which was the lack of research and development at the bottom of Chinese communications, and the war of Chinese underwear was related to the absence of product innovation.

As one of the pillar industries of industry, domestic enterprises also have to pay a lot of patent fees to patent holders every year.

Statistics show that in China’s patent applications in 2014, the textile industry accounted for only 1.74% of the total, far lower than communications, medicine and other industries, from the patent application data, can not match the status of the pillar industry.

This means that Chinese textile enterprises lack of core intellectual property rights, although there is a complete industrial chain and many textile enterprises,

sweet sexy girls preteen underwear but on the whole is mainly processing (OEM), technological development is mainly follow-up imitation, the ability of independent innovation is weak.

In recent years, with the continuous rise of raw material prices in the textile industry, low cost has been unable to become the competitive advantage of domestic enterprises, many enterprises have fallen into the embarrassing position of “the more they sell, the more they lose”.

Many colleagues hold the idea of “take the road taken by others, we should go faster,” and carry on the plagiarism of imitation, and the phenomena of product homogenization, marketing homogenization, and store style homogenization appear in the terminal market.

The idea of shortsightedness and quick success and quick benefit has directly blocked the enthusiasm of product innovation, which has led to the underwear industry has been unable to compete with international brands of products and enterprises.

From the upstream point of view, with the upgrading of the industrial structure and the decline of foreign trade orders, many factories began to look for a new way out. In the past, they only took large orders, but now thousands or even 100 small orders are also willing to take them.

This is a good opportunity for innovative brands that respond quickly in small batches.

From the point of view of underwear manufacturers, the marketing of domestic underwear products is mainly star endorsements and advertising bombing, while the terminal products take price war as the main means of competition, resulting in thinner and thinner profits and poor product quality. if it does not change, it will be worrying in the future.

At present, underwear manufacturers aiming at consumption upgrading are roughly divided into the following categories:

Private customization: one person, one edition, volume + consultation + nursing whole process in-depth service;

Special functions: plastic underwear, development underwear, heat and warmth;

Small: no steel ring underwear, no mold cup underwear;

New fabric: volcanic high molecular fabric, ultra-thin fabric;

Fashion: wearing underwear outside.

In the future, human beings will be freer, more tolerant, and feminine. The cosmetic contact lenses for male skin care will become “sissy” and “old beauties” will become neutral words, and the people of “leftover men” and “leftover women” will not have to receive unusual attention.

People are no longer embarrassed by consumption beyond the old boundaries, but regard it as a trend to break through the self and set up freedom.

Who can seize this wave of consumption upgrading of the machine, will become a new generation of underwear leaders.

A piece of fabric or change of industry.

DuPont in the textile fabric status, almost with Qualcomm in the mobile phone chip position, if DuPont in the fabric of Chinese enterprises to stop cooperation, many domestic middle and high-end clothing enterprises will have no clothes to sell.

Lao Zhang, a textile major, graduated from Jiangnan University in the early years of textile engineering, worked in various processes of textile and clothing, and later worked and studied in a professional brand planning company, and later founded Jiuxi Garment Factory.

Clothing people generally pay attention to the innovation of clothing style, technology and marketing, while Lao Zhang starts to innovate from the front end of textile fiber, trying to change the industry from the upper reaches of the industrial chain.

Because Lao Zhang knows very well that the real core competitiveness of clothing enterprise brand lies in whether there is a new breakthrough in textile materials, whether there are independent intellectual property rights, and whether to control the source of the industrial chain.

The way to upgrade underwear consumption.

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Marketing upgrade: explosive + New Retail.

Consumption upgrading is the upgrading of consumption concept, from price-driven to value-driven, users’ word-of-mouth is better than advertising and packaging; consumption upgrading is the upgrading of consumption scenarios, from stores, e-commerce to new retail online and offline integration.

Good marketing opens up different scenarios of consumption; consumption escalation is the upgrading of the consumer group, from satisfying one group of people to satisfying another group.