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Teach yourself DIY underwear

Teach yourself DIY underwear 2019-06-30

1. Cloth cutting.

First of all, for a simple version of the production, the cup is divided into the inside and the outside of the two parts, we simply deal with here.

Draw the two triangles shown in the figure, with side lengths of 17.5cm and 10.5 cm, and 9.2 cm, respectively. It is only that the lower part of the outer cup has a 1cm warping amount, and the two parts of the longitudinal warp

backless bra yarn have a bulge about 1cm in the direction of the longitudinal warp, and draw a round arc.

Then a simple layout is finished.

When the layout is complete, we cut it down.

We will buy a good lace fabric and layout fixed (be careful not to put it in the wrong direction), mark it with rowing powder, and then cut it.

Note that four pieces are cut and arranged

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two. Sewing.

First sew up the two pieces of cloth on the left and right.

When stitching, pay attention to the seam, always pay attention to keep around 1cm, otherwise it will deform.

After the left and right cup stitches are completed, take out the elastic band (be sure to be long enough to ensure a chest circumference of three times the length). Similarly, the left and right pieces are now fixed with the elastic belt.

Also fix the shoulder

hot babydoll horse sex womanstraps on both sides (measure the length of the shoulder straps you need with a ruler), and after they are fixed, you can start stitching up.

When stitching the back shoulder strap with the lower part of the elastic belt, be careful not to sew askew, and both sides should be symmetrical.

You can find an unnecessary bra, to remove the plastic buckle above and use it to make the connecting buckle at the back of the bra.

Stitch up according to the schematic diagram step by step on OK!

Finally, we can add elastic straps to both sides of the cup to make the lace more intimate.

In this way, step by step, a sexy lace bralette will be completed!

If you find it too troublesome, you can buy us directly, that is, the lace series, which is also super beautiful.

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