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Is sex underwear supposed to create an illusion?

Is sex underwear supposed to create an illusion? 2019-06-30

In the end, is sex underwear supposed to create an illusion, make people daydream, promote sexual desire, or increase their strength?

The definition of the so-called lingerie varies from person to person, some people prefer the simplicity of sports vitality, some people like the romantic pattern of empty lace, and some people applaud the looming underwear.

Best of all, the lingerie that is included in the definition of interest by manufacturers is one set, and the popular idea is another.

In the end, is sex underwear supposed to create an illusion, make people daydream, promote sexual desire, or increase their strength?

Let’s learn about it with the editor of Baibai Safety net.

There is a big cognitive gap between men and women.

The difference in cognition between men and women is interesting for the role of lingerie.

According to the answers to the sample questionnaire, more than 30% of women believe that the function of lingerie is to make themselves happy.

As can be seen from the high self-awareness of women, it may have to be rewritten for women to please themselves, but from the point of view of men, they still think that lingerie is designed to improve the taste of life.

Girls like to wear cotton, and boys also support it.

In the survey, women between the ages of 20 and 30 had a very high level of support for cotton underwear, mainly because of their comfortable texture and refreshing vision. Surprisingly, according to the questionnaire data,

Men, who are often thought to be sensory irritants, seem to agree with this view that the ratio of lace to cotton underwear is one to one for their partner, but for women over the age of 30, the ratio of lace to cotton underwear appears to be one to one, while men who are often considered to be sensory irritants seem to agree with this view.

I like to use lace or silk

old women bra underwear as a way to please myself.

She can spring in anything she wears.

Another surprising message from the questionnaire is that the vast majority of people do not use lingerie (in this case, the type of lingerie with light wings) as a tool to enhance the taste of life, but instead use it to make jokes.

Or as a gift for the anniversary!

A man who has no sense of his underwear.

Men who were asked to wear lingerie were several times fewer than women. On the one hand, most men were less concerned about their inner beauty and were more likely to be bought by their wives.

The counter lady often advises wives to try to buy different types of underwear for their husbands, because he may one day say to you, “I haven’t worn any of these underwear, it’s really comfortable!”

Then why didn’t you say anything

lovely bra before?

That’s right!

Most men are so indifferent to the concept of their underwear.

Be sexy. Let’s do it together.

It’s not just one-sided to make your partner happy in bed. Male friends who used to be crowned with smelly boys might as well choose underwear that smells good to make up for their notoriety.

Well, since he doesn’t care so much about his underwear, the female compatriots have to help themselves and buy him a piece of underwear that makes them taste pleasing to the eye. A scented underwear made of fiber on the market makes use of the natural fragrance of lavender.

Create the comfort and sexy of the exclusive man, relax the mood to pull into the intimate relationship between the two.

After understanding the above common sense knowledge, if you have any common knowledge about sex safety,

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