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Full Analysis of underwear Manufacturing process

Full Analysis of underwear Manufacturing process 2019-06-30

I. Design.

Underwear design is the soul of making.

Bra because of its dress after the need to hold the body, but also to do the movement is not abnormal, do not fall off, good ventilation after exercise.

When designing underwear, we should comprehensively consider all kinds of knowledge of human aesthetics, human mechanics and ergonomics, as well as the yarn direction, elasticity and function of all kinds of raw and auxiliary materials.

In general, the bra is divided into two types: European code and Asian code, each type is divided into six types, each type is divided into about ten numbers.

So that any size and chest type of women in these 60 models and sizes can buy the most suitable for their own one.

After determining the model, the main task of the designer is to create the beautiful inspiration and warm temperament of the surface effect.

The cup specially adds the lifting and pulling shaped rubber band, which can play a good lifting and pulling effect in wearing, further strengthen the shaping effect, U-shaped face support, consolidate the lifting and pulling effect, one step in place, prevent breast external expansion, drooping and so on.

II. Composition

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The composition of bras is quite complicated.


A bra needs main fabric, lace (lace), mesh and glossy laced cloth, non-woven fabric, cotton knitted or fine cloth, shoulder strap, elastic belt, steel wire, back hook, adjusting ring, oblique strip (ribbon, binding), decorative flowers, seams.

And so on more than thirteen kinds of materials.

According to the creativity of the designer, first calculate the amount of each material, and then consider the degree of coordination between the function, elasticity and yarn direction of each kind of textile or non-woven fabric.

Although the current domestic raw and auxiliary materials trading companies such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain, but in line with high-quality production plants are few.

Therefore, the material channel involves

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For example, sometimes to design a new component, you have to choose the main fabric of the British company of Benin; the lace of the French Noyang lace company; the elastic pull frame of Brazil; the seams of the Japanese water company or Toyo textile; the elastic straps and shoulder straps of Shanghai Hausheng Company;

Dalian steel wire; Guangdong back hook, oblique bar and so on.

Since most material suppliers have a minimum order quantity, it is particularly difficult to assemble materials for trial sale.

If the quantity is too low, it is necessary to raise the price and increase the cost.

Therefore, the assembly personnel should not only understand the process, understand the performance of various materials, but also understand the financial costs.


free sample men underwear it will result in waste and the company will lose money.

If prices are raised, consumers will increase the burden of spending.

Amazing softness, silky, delicate and elastic pro-skin, smooth, soft and breathable skin without trace, comfortable material, sweat absorption fine and not sultry.

III. Technology and production.

The production of bras is a collective mode of operation.

It takes many people to work at the same time.

First of all, the technological process is worked out by the process Technology Department.

The standard bra is made for more than 600 seconds per piece.

With the style of simplicity or complexity has increased or decreased.

The popular soft beads, water bags and other functional bra technology on the market is more complex, some of which take more than 2000 seconds per

underwear piece.

In each 600 second bra process, divided into 20 to 30 procedures, the use of more than ten kinds of stitch function of the special sewing machine.

Each person operates a process, consisting of 20 to 30 people to form a production line.

It consists of the synthesis of cover cup core (non-woven fabric), upper cover, sewn lace, two cups connected to the center, sewing left and right wings (commonly known as large pieces, left and right, extension, etc.), upper chest tight belt sewing, lower chest tight belt sewing, nail.

Sew shoulder straps, wrap back hooks, nail decorative flowers, sew trademarks, hang tags, tie knots, and so on.

Each process has a strict stitch specification: sewing thread index, operation gesture, man-hour seconds and other process indicators.

From the beginning to the end, all sewing workers should achieve balanced movements, coordinated working hours, and equal speed.

In the production at the same time, but also do a good job of quality self-inspection, mutual inspection and inspection.

Only in this way can we ensure that the rated output and quality index of each assembly line can be completed every day.

Farewell to chest sagging, strong lift, lift palmrest breast, adjustable thin cup design, cup body deep and straight, effectively gather the chest and lift and pull the chest up.

After the completion of the product production process, it should be sent to the professionally trained inspection room, by the special inspection personnel to carry out all-round quality re-inspection and inspection needle.

Prevent broken needle particles from sneaking into the product in the process of making, hurting consumers.

After the inspection room acceptance qualified packaging into the warehouse of the finished product, before leaving the factory, it is necessary to go through the export commodity inspector and the quality management department to open the box for sampling inspection, and according to the legal product quality assurance and the right to leave the factory.