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China sexy underwear production center

China sexy underwear production center 2019-06-30

Lei Cong Rui founded Midnight charm Garment Co., Ltd., which is famous in the lingerie industry, has also led a large number of farmers to enter the lingerie industry.

Guanyun County not only makes more than half of China’s sex underwear, but also contracts 80% of China’s graduation uniforms.

Today, it has become a “sex underwear production center” in China.

According to statistics, Guanyun County has more than 500 manufacturers and online stores of lingerie, with annual sales of more than 1 billion yuan, accounting for more than 60% of the national market share.

Lei Chong Rui and his mother co-founded “Midnight charm Garment Co., Ltd.” annual sales of 50 million yuan, a while ago, someone asked him to make a movie.

In Guanyun do this business, no matter how high, see Lei Cong Rui will call a “Lei Zong”.

The “Chinese Entrepreneur” reporter saw Lei Cong Rui in the room of a hotel in Guanyun County.

“lingerie is a healthy industry. I hope you don’t associate it with porn. Lingerie is a very beautiful dress. Just be happy to wear it.

“said Lei Chongrui.

Thanks to the popularity of all kinds of live broadcast, short video A and the openness of people’s ideas, the Cloud (,) has gradually accepted sex underwear in recent years.

Guanyun County Government is actively building a “interesting underwear characteristic town”, hoping to use it as a breakthrough in the county of this economic depression in northern Jiangsu to promote the employment of the poor.

In his early days, he went to To C mode, found a Guangzhou merchant from 1688 to buy goods, and then put them on Taobao to sell.

Business is getting better and better, local Taobao merchants simply pick up the goods from Lei Cong Rui himself.

He gradually realized that he could make more money by selling sex underwear wholesale.

Lei Cong Rui then changed the platform to 1688 to engage in wholesale.

Now I want to buy a single piece, unless I contact him and go to his factory to pick it up.

Later developments proved that the wholesale approach worked well.

After the order quantity came up, the original supplier has been unable to meet the demand, Lei Cong Rui opened his own garment factory.

When the garment factory started, Lei Cong Rui found several designers to cooperate.

Without a model, he did it himself.

After all, there was a difference between men and women. In order to test his chest, he stuffed two apples, or two fists.

The comfort of the fabric, different styles of tightness, and so on, these Lei Cong Rui have to try it in person, and then let the women work accordingly.

In 2013, Lei Chong Rui and his mother started a new stove and set up Midnight charm Garment Co., Ltd., because of their disagreement with another head of the garment factory.

The mother and son improved the production process and management model.

Midnight charm only operates a production workshop of 2000 square meters and employs a small number of female workers to deal with emergencies such as emergency orders and peak sales season.

The rest of the relatively stable order volume, midnight charm and more than 20 family workshops, the other side according to the design drawings and sample clothes for production.

Now, mother Chang Hongli is mainly responsible for docking big customers.

By selling lingerie, Lei Cong Rui has been worth more than ten million dollars.

His fortune has also led a large number of farmers in Guanyun County to enter the sex underwear industry.

According to statistics, at present, 20,000 people in Guanyun are engaged in sex underwear related industries.

“Guanyun Yi interest Town” is located in Dongwangji Town. In the future, there will be standardized production workshops, office areas and

brassiere product display areas in the park.

The reporter of “Chinese Entrepreneur” came to the site of the town of Yi Chui and saw a sign showing the effect map already standing on the construction site.

The main building of the town will be a white steel structure, shaped like lingerie.

For Lei Cong Rui, the upgrading of garment factories from family workshops to standardized workshops is conducive to reducing management costs, stabilizing employment, and replacing part of the labor force with mechanization.

But he is still worried that few young people are willing to work as garment workers.

He is thinking about how to improve production processes, export industry standards, get rid of the past impression of low-end, disorderly lingerie manufacturing, on the other hand, he also wants to raise the wages of workers as

men lingerie much as possible.

Li Laigang said that according to the official plan, in the future, the “irrigation cloud clothes town” project will set up a business incubation center, and the government will provide loans and financing services for the sex underwear industry chain, so as to attract more returning young people to Guanyun to start a business.

According to the website of the Ministry of Urban and Rural Housing of China, 127 characteristic towns were identified in the second half of 2016 and 276 new towns were added in August 2017.

These characteristic towns, or located on the outskirts of big cities, or in poor rural areas left behind by the process of urbanization, may face a lack of industrial base and limited space for development.

Guanyun County to create a small town of interest, is to comply with the trend of the rich people experiment or investment bubble, time is still testing.